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Kentson Yan, M.Sc., EIT
R&D Engineer

Kentson Yan holds a B.Eng. in Chemical Engineering from Ryerson University, and a M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Alberta.  He has accumulated considerable experience in the fields of solid waste management, greenhouse gas emissions/carbon credits, and biosolids reuse.
Kentson has conducted multiple studies related to life cycle assessments, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and offset credits (carbon credits) in the context of solid waste management. Studies included: i) quantifying potential GHG reductions for the City of Edmonton and the University of Alberta, if an anaerobic digestion facility was added into their current waste management systems; ii) estimating the amount of carbon credits available should the entire province of Alberta compost all its leaf and yard waste; and iii) determining GHG reductions for changes in different biosolids reuse options for the City of Edmonton (click for more information) . He also conducted greenhouse gas reduction calculations for the City of Edmonton that contributed to the City’s success in obtaining a $10 million grant application. He also pursuing the greenhouse gas inventory quantifier (GHG-IQ) certification under CSA Standards.
In addition, Kentson has played an integral role in developing and implementing a new waste management system and annual solid waste audit process for the University of Alberta. Not only was he the lead auditor, he also assisted in integrating a waste audit framework into a student learning environment at the undergraduate and graduate level (click for more information) . He has also developed, designed, and executed education and training courses with EWMCE’s education team which include: Waste Diversion for Municipal Councilors, Waste Diversion in the ICI Sector, and Transfer Stations Fundamentals.