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EWMCE is well positioned to assist at any stage of environmental technology development due to its exceptional facilities and resources. Its access to unlimited real time waste streams and availability of knowledgeable and experienced staff makes EWMCE a one-stop Center with multiple solutions to multiple problems. We can also work with you on identifying funding sources and applying for the same.

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Daryl McCartney, Executive Director
Phone: 780-442-6468

The level of treatment provided by modern wastewater systems is truly remarkable. However, continuing improvements in monitoring techniques and in the science surrounding treatment processes, trace contaminants, and environmental and human health implications means that there is still a great deal of work to be done. 

These challenges are being met through research studies and technology demonstration projects at the EWMCE in: biological nutrient removal, nutrient recovery, wastewater treatments like advanced oxidation, removal of emerging trace contaminants, re-use of membrane-filtered wastewater, and anaerobic digestion and biogas capture and utilization. 

Many of our projects are done in collaboration with world-class researchers in the Environmental Engineering and Biological Science departments at the University of Alberta.
Areas of Emerging Research
  • Gas Emissions Reduction
  • Odour Control
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Source Control
  • Storm Water Management
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • Snow Management optimization to improve water quality


The Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence does not provide funding for research initiatives. However, we can help with developing proposals and identifying funding sources.

Client Testimonials

“EWMCE offers connection to practical/applied research – with operational application,”

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Technology Development

The EWMCE adapts its technology development activities to meet the needs of its varied entrepreneurs who are interested in commercialization or improvement of technology with a responsive approach geared toward supporting entrepreneurial innovation in wastewater.

The Centre's technology development successes include:                               
  • the development of micro-bubble aeration units, 
  • biological aerated filters, 
  • optimization of zeolite media treatment systems, 
  • wet and dry anaerobic systems, 
  • ceramic membranes, and 
  • various process optimization projects for wastewater treatment plants.

Foundations of Technology Development