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Technology Verification

Technology verification, also known as "validation", is an independent procedure used for checking that a product, service, or system meets requirements and specifications, and that it fulfills its intended purpose as specified by the technology developer. The developer provides performance claims that the technology is designed to achieve, and the verification checks whether or not the claims are met. This is one of the critical components of a quality management system, such as ISO 9000. The word "verification" is sometimes preceded with "independent" or "third party", indicating that the verification is to be performed by an unbiased party. EWMCE performs verification either with ETV Canada, or as an independent Third Party.

When performing ETV Canada Verification, we adhere to the General Verification Protocols and Test Protocols developed by ETV Canada. These protocols go hand-in-hand with the laboratory accreditation to ISO 17025 for CALA accredited labs to do the analyses required in the verification process. When performing Third Party Verification, the standards are dictated by the technology being tested, but in most cases, ASTM standards are used. CALA accreditation of the lab is also required.
Our Verification Method

Third Party Verification
  • A request submitted by the client to EWMCE to begin the process; 
  • A non-disclosure agreement is signed that ensures a client's technology is protected; 
  • Performance claims and detailed information on the technology is obtained from the client; 
  • Project cost estimates are developed;
  • A kick-off meeting is held and the project commences when cost estimates have been agreed upon; 
  • Technology specific test protocols are then developed; 
  • Testing begins; 
  • Test results are qualitatively and statistically analyzed;
  • Final results are obtained; and
  • A conclusion is drawn.

ETV Canada Verification

Visit the ETV Canada website to view their specific verification procedures.

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Globe Performance Solutions (GPS)
for ETV Canada Verification

In October 2012, Environment Canada selected a new ETV  program delivery  agent known as Globe Performance Solutions (GPS). More details can be found here. 

More information on the ETV program under the new delivery agent are available here on the Global Performance website. 

Click here for the ETV Canada Application information package.

Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence (EWMCE) is a member of the current GPS-ETV Consortium and can do both testing and verification of technologies. The full list of GPS-ETV consortium members is available here.