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Technology Testing

Technology testing is an integral process of technology development. Testing refers to the measures taken to check the quality, performance, and reliability of a technology before it can be put into widespread use or practice. Test results inform the developer of the product's readiness for the marketplace, or whether further adjustments, optimization or improvements are needed. 

The most important advantage in our testing is our access to real waste streams which allows technology to be tested in the environment it is intended to be used in. Our real waste stream testing establishes the EWMCE as a desirable partner for entrepreneurs and technology developers, striving to achieve excellence in their product's performance.

Our Testing Methods

When technology is brought to EWMCE:
  • It is checked for design integrity and is hooked up to real wastewater streams;
  • The technology is left to run for an agreed length of time with all parameters (influent, effluent, operational) monitored;
  • The performance data of the technology will then be established at the end of the testing.

“Waste management is a critical issue in Canada, and there could be no better home for a Centre of Excellence in waste management than at the EWMCE.”

- Dr. Ian Potter, Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures

Technology developers can then take that performance data for verification of their technology, assuming the unit passed testing criteria.