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Solid Waste

Areas of Emerging Research
  • Biosolids Management and Application
  • Solid Waste Collection, Sorting and Recycling
  • Construction and Demolition Waste Recovery
  • Odour and Gas Reduction from Operations
  • Energy Recovery from Solid Waste (including Gasification)
  • Thermal, Chemical, and Bio-conversion of Waste to Value-Added Products
  • Alternative Uses for Shredded Tires


The Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence does not provide funding for research initiatives. However, we can help with developing proposals and identifying funding sources. 

Client Testimonials

“One of EWMCE’s real strengths is its 
connection to people in the waste 
management fields, [that] allows for a 
holistic approach to research and 
technology development.”

- Dr. Ian Potter, Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures
Edmonton is home to a world-class facility for integrated waste management at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre. 

The EWMCE works with the City of Edmonton's Waste Management Services to evaluate and optimize processes on-site and to develop new technologies for testing processes and improving the quality of final products for sale. Researchers from across Canada, and international visitors, come to the EWMCE to exchange experience and test innovative ideas. Most of the research projects projects combine the expertise of multiple Members, such as the University of Alberta, AITF, and more.

These advancements include research and technology demonstration projects at the EWMCE in: waste reduction and diversion from landfill; composting municipal organic solid waste; advanced composting technologies; compost quality assurance; innovative uses of processed organics (green roofs); process optimization; landfill gas emissions and recovery; landfill leachate treatment; and landfill drainage layer design and clogging.

Work With Us

The EWMCE can identify and assemble powerful teams to address research needs. We can provide services in problem definition, preparation of funding applications, project management, training, experimentation, presentations, reporting, and marketing. 

We facilitate access to unique infrastructure, practitioner experience, and a wide range of real waste streams. The EWMCE can accomodate an extensive range of requests, from short-term use of space and equipment, to full-scale project management, all at reasonable costs.

The EWMCE provides a unique training environment for students, post-doctorate, and visiting researchers. However, we do not offer funding for these activities. Students are encouraged to contact the University of Alberta and NAIT directly regarding co-op, internship, and graduate program opportunities.

Daryl McCartney, Executive Director                        

Phone: 780-442-6468