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Clover Bar Solid Waste Research & Development

Completed in 2004, this facility provides one-of-a-kind opportunities for research and technology development in all areas of solid waste. It is located within the Clover Bar Edmonton Waste Management Centre, alongside real-life waste applications and processes being undertaken by the City of Edmonton, including the following: 
  • Co-composting
  • Materials Recovery Facility
  • Leachate Collection and Treatment
  • Landfill Gas Recovery and Use
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • Engineered Landfill
  • Biosolids Treatment Lagoons and Mechanical Dewatering
  • Roadway/Asphalt Recycling
  • Serviced Sites for Private Processing
  • Construction and Demolition Waste Processing
  • Solid Waste Gasification (under construction)

Solid Waste R&D Capabilities

Multi-Use Dry Wing
This 1,000-square-metre space is designed for pilot-scale research in solid waste handling, classification, sorting and pre-processing. The flexible design of the space allows it to be re-configured as required for each project. 

Multi-Use Wet Wing
A second 1,000-square-metre wing provides space for research on compost and landfill processes. This area features rotating compost mixing reactors where material mixes and process parameters can be optimized. Space is available for other compost reactors, small compost windrows, pilot-scale bioreactor cells, lysimeters, and biosolids management research – all under controlled environmental conditions.

Microbiology and Analytical Laboratories
The facility has a walk-in freezer and constant temperature chambers for sample storage. Sample preparation and preliminary analyses can be done in the microbiology and general analytical laboratory spaces. Laboratories at the University of Alberta and Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures are available for more comprehensive analyses.

Exterior Facilities
This building is designed to accommodate retro-fitting of external facilities such as:
  • Biofilters for odour control
  • Instrumented and serviced pads for testing of larger equipment
  • Covered material storage bunkers, provisions for stationary and mobile sludge tanks and fully instrumented landfill test cells to support research activities
  • Planting beds for testing and demonstration of soil blends and compost applications
  • Green roof with experimental plots and naturalized areas

Machine Shop
The well-equipped machine shop supports research activities. It holds machining and fabrication equipment along with a good complement of hand tools to support basic fabrication, modification and set up of equipment. It is also stocked with a selection of iron and steel fasteners.

Administration and Training Centre 
Located adjacent to the Solid Waste Research & Development Facility, the Training Centre creates a convenient transition from the classroom to research and hands-on training. Facilities include:
  • 40-seat classroom that can be reconfigured for meetings, discussion groups or conventional training presentations
  • 56-seat demonstration/lecture theatre with full multi-media presentation capabilities.