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Education & Training

Education and training plays a key role in the development of sustainable waste management practices. The Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence is committed to developing educational and training programs that showcase emerging research and technology in waste management, as well as developing courses that meet the practical and current needs of the waste and wastewater industries.

The Latest Training in Solid Waste and Wastewater


The Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence offers a full suite of Advanced Wastewater Treatment courses. These are CEU-accredited courses designed to support Operators in understanding the complexities of secondary and tertiary treatment.

Our educational team transforms dry technical content into a rich learning experience for students that fosters their imaginations and interest in subject areas. Instructors are often wastewater operators and engineers who bring with them a complete understanding of the industry's needs. Training is held onsite at wastewater treatment facilities, and may include tours or exposure to equipment. Participants are encouraged to share their unique circumstances and experiences. Courses evolve with advancements in wastewater treatment and are continually enhanced through input from participants.

The Centre's Solid Waste training combines the expertise of our network of partners with the accumulated experience of our education team to produce the best and most relevant courses the industry requires. 

  • Our model of development is simple - we work with those people currently employed in the industry as managers, operators, researchers, engineers, and consultants and extract their technical knowledge and best practices to provide our participants with relevant and superior learning experiences. 
  • Courses are customized for our clients and are offered in a variety of locations throughout the province of Alberta. We also deliver customized courses for other provinces and territories, and specialized groups within those areas. Saskatchewan and Nunavut
  • Check the course calendar for further information about courses offered in your area.