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Technical Seminars

Biosolids Management: Sifting Through the Muck
January 26, 2012
Recent developments regarding Alberta’s biosolids legislative
landscape, continued development of beneficial use
opportunities and a myriad of technological advances mean
that a robust strategic approach to the management of
municipal biosolids is paramount to creating sustainable
solutions for any community.

This seminar showcased the latest trends, opportunities, and considerations to help those involved in the
decision-making around biosolids management



Energy Efficient Wastewater Treatment and Solid Waste Management
April 20, 2011
Utility providers are faced daily with a growing urgency to reduce energy consumption and maximize energy recovery at
wastewater and solid waste operations. Waste-to-energy
exploration continues to grow in the solid waste sector and,
more recently, has also gained a strong momentum in the
wastewater industry.

This seminar brought together world class experts and
specialists to help advance our understanding of the work
being done in Canada and globally.


October 5, 2011
The Advanced Energy Research Facility (AERF) provides pilot-scale opportunities for a multitude of gasification projects. This 300kg/hr pilot gasification system includes gas conditioning, cleaning and methanol synthesis, and will be equipped to test various feedstocks for methanol creation and eventually will be equipped to test processes for synthesis of advanced biofuels, such as DME, bioethylene and bio-syndiesel.

Upcoming Technical Seminars at EWMCE

The EWMCE's technical seminars bring together a wealth of knowledge from waste management leaders. Together, viable waste management practices and solutions are sought and discovered. Technical seminars encourage a community of learning that support sustainability and innovation.

Upcoming Technical Seminars

07 Mar 2017 8:00 AM • Edmonton, AB

Past Presentations

Technical seminars showcase emerging developments in waste management practice, research and technology, and are selected to engage a wide waste management audience. Seminar attendees range from professionals and practitioners to researchers and students, and from technicians and engineers to managers, consultants, and policy makers. Seminars provide a rich forum for dialogue and shared understanding.

Embracing Zero Waste
February 27, 2014
The Institutional, Commercial and Industrial (ICI) sector generates about 40% of the solid waste in Alberta.  This seminar showcases organics diversion challenges and opportunities in the ICI sector.
Organic Waste Treatment Technology for the Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Sectors
June 4, 2012

The Institutional, Commercial, and Industrial (ICI)
sectors generate about 40% of the solid waste in Alberta.
Very few organizations within the ICI sectors have
instituted organic waste recycling. Waste composition
studies have found that 50% of the landfill-bound waste
in the ICI sectors is biodegradable organic material such
as food waste, soiled fibre, and yard and garden waste.

This seminar showcased the technologies available to recover the organic fraction of the ICI waste stream.